Part 4 – Project 2: Exercise 3

Family photos are often cited as being the possessions that people would most want to save from a house fire. Why do you think that photographs are such a significant part of our lives? Write down how you feel about photos – or videos – from your family’s past.

I think the reason that people love photographs is that it is so hard to remember things clearly. I remember very little from my childhood, for instance, and although photos don’t really jog memories of my very young years, I do love to see what I was like back then. Some … Read the rest

Photography – Part 4: Exercise 2

This exercise asks us to look through a photo album to look for any ‘artistic’ photos and to note down what it is about these particular images that makes them more like artworks than some of the others. Is it because they capture a particular moment or event that you’ll never be able to re-create, for example? Is it the background, the light, or the effort that you know went into taking it?

I couldn’t find a lot of photos  of mine that were particularly artistic, but I have presented a few below – normal snapshots on the right, attempts … Read the rest

Photography – Part 4 – Project 1: P. 150 Research Point

This research point asks us to make notes on John A. Walker’s essay ‘Context as a Determinant of Photographic Meaning’ (available here) along with our own thoughts on the issue.

Firstly, Walker talks about the range of contexts that photographs can be found and how this changes the meaning.

He goes on to say that a photograph is enclosed within its own frame and that ‘…it is natural for us to mentally place in brackets the context in which the photograph is viewed…’. i.e. we do not usually consider the context that we are viewing the photo in, we … Read the rest