Assignment 4 Research – Part 3

I’ll now focus on the second part of the question which is about the message that Hockney is trying to convey.

Hockney’s work is very much concerned with human vision and the way we perceive reality. As mentioned previously, his issue with photography is the single, static viewpoint that a regular photograph depicts. He also disliked the way there was a void between the photographer and the scene, which is why you’ll find his feet in some of his photographic collages.

The message in his photography, is that photography doesn’t have to be this static, frozen thing. He likened his … Read the rest

Assignment 4 Research – Part 2

Here I will look at the first part of the question we’re trying to answer; the creative aspects of David Hockney’s ‘joiner’ photographs.

David Hockney took a lot of influence from Picasso and the cubist movement.

From Linda Bolton’s Cubism:

For centuries, most artists tried to capture exactly how things looked. Paintings were like photos of the real world. But, by about 1900, some artists  were experimenting, for example by using non-realistic colors to convey  feelings.

The Cubists went much further than this. They broke their subjects down into fragments and facets, and then rearranged the parts. These parts might

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