Photography – Part 4: Exercise 2

This exercise asks us to look through a photo album to look for any ‘artistic’ photos and to note down what it is about these particular images that makes them more like artworks than some of the others. Is it because they capture a particular moment or event that you’ll never be able to re-create, for example? Is it the background, the light, or the effort that you know went into taking it?

I couldn’t find a lot of photos  of mine that were particularly artistic, but I have presented a few below – normal snapshots on the right, attempts at being more artistic on the left.

In the case of the snapshots, they aren’t particularly well thought out, they’re all colour, everything’s in focus and no attempt at interesting composition has been made. The fairy wings one was taken on a whim and I just happened to be behind my daughter to take it, it wasn’t purposely done.

In the ‘artistic’ photos, I have purposely attempted more thought out compositions by altering heights and angles, trying to pick details to focus on (rainbow skirt, my daughter’s eyelashes), I have made one picture black and white, and in the photo of my son, I have blurred the background to emphasise him swinging, as well as capturing him mid-motion.

I think the difference really is that I thought more about the second set of photographs rather than just snapping away. I considered composition, angle and colour, and that’s what made these photos look more artistic.

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