Part 4 – Project 3: Exercise 1

Make some notes in your learning log on the difference between these images in terms of point of view and the information the viewer can get from each of them.

The zoomed-out shot shows a much wider view of this townscape, and you’re probably seeing for miles. This is much like the photographer would have been able to see with the naked eye if he were stood in this position. We see the path, the field, the town, and the sky and clouds. Only the items nearest to us (the foreground) have a lot of visible detail. The further you look, the less you can really make out. Although you cannot see the edges of the built up area, you get a sense of how vast this place is as we already know we are looking at a large area, and we also know it goes on even further than this.

In this zoomed in version, we see a much more detailed view of a smaller section of the town, and a bit of the sky. We can tell from the viewpoint that the photographer has taken this from a height. We can make out a lot more detail in this photo compared to the first one. We can see the different colours of the house fascias in the foreground, as well as solar panels on some of their roofs. We can see the hills and fields in the background, as well as what looks like houses on top. We can also make out a suspension bridge in the back right, which you could only make out in the zoomed-out version if you knew it was there to look for. There is no way to tell how big this town may be from this photo – this is a small area and it could end just outside the frame, or it could extend for miles either side.

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