Part 2: Creative Reading. Introduction: Exercise 1

A quick exercise to start this section of the course:

  • First, write down all the reasons you can think of why people read.

To escape
To learn
To improve their lives
For entertainment
To heal
To remember
To relax
To build vocabulary
To fall asleep
To improve writing skills
To make choices

  • Next, write down a list of reasons why people write.

To entertain
To heal
To learn
To inform
To capture
To remember
To communicate
To preserve
To persuade
To improve other’s lives
To improve writing skills

  • What do you notice about your two lists? Do some of the reasons you’ve come
    up with appear on both lists?

The things that appear on both lists are ‘to heal’, ‘to learn’, ‘to remember’, and ‘to improve writing skills’.

The other things are the opposites of each other eg. We write to inform, while we read to learn. We write to persuade, while we read to help us make choices. We write to entertain, while we read to be entertained.

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