Exercise 4 – Izabella Godlewska de Aranda’s Space, Time, Motion, Green

This exercise in the introductory section of the course asks us to try to find an image in the Bridgeman Education Library by searching ‘time contemporary’.

There were many results, but the work came up on the first page and can be seen here.

The full title of the piece is ‘Space, Time, Motion, Green, 2010’ and it’s a mixed media work by spanish artist Izabella Godlewska de Aranda. The description notes that it is an homage to Mark Rothko, who was a Russion-American abstract artist whose signature style could be described as ‘fields of colour’ and some of his works can be viewed on the Bridgeman Education Library here.

The exercise asks us to say what we think of the Izabella Godlewska de Aranda painting using only four or five words, and my answer would be:

Dark, simple, relaxing, monochromatic, spring.

Personally, I find the paintings in Izabella’s ‘Kensington Garden Series‘ more appealing. They too feature a lot of green, but the brush strokes and shades of colour are far more varied and interesting.

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